Machining Frame Necks on our CNC lathe.

Machining Frame Necks on our CNC lathe.

We are always busy in the shop! This week we are running multiple parts on our Haas CNC lathe. One of these jobs is our Motorcycle Chopper Frame Neck.

This part is a very popular item for us that we have been making for about 20 years. Prior to 2014, I used to stand in front of our little manual Atlas lathe and machine these. In 2014, we began making these on our Haas lathe.

Customers use these when building custom frames and raking existing frames for Harleys, choppers, bobbers and other customs. We have used these on dozens of shop builds over the years. These accept Harley style neck cups and 1" tapered bearings. By the end of this month, we will be adding a kit on our products page that will bundle the Frame Neck, neck cups, bearings and dust shields for those in need of the full setup.

Let us know of other items that you need!

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